The Company “Domosvet” has the possibility of using additional financial and professional resources of the company for carrying out new investment projects. The modernization, the adoption of the newest construction technologies became a good basis for searching new possibilities of holding development as a developer. The investment projects of the company are directed- in the frame of different federal programs - to the realization of objects with social significance – hospitals, schools and roads. “Domosvet” can realize such projects in cooperation with international construction corporations, which has advanced knowledge in the sphere of construction projecting.


The Company “Domosvet” was founded in 2004. Within these years the Company “Domosvet” recommended itself as the primary and strongest performer in the sphere of interior business of Armenia.

The partners of the Company “Domosvet” are the famous Europea..


Finished the lighting project of TUK-TUK children's store

"PR Kvadrat project" finished the lighting project of TUK-TUK children's store in Yerevan. The following brands were used in the project : SLI Sylvania, SDM Luce, Vossloh Schwabe, Radium.


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